BMSOne V2 Plug and Play

$85.00 inc. tax

Mount External Snap-in or Mount Internal or None?*

You must choose a battery type. Lipo or Li-ion?*

Please note which battery voltage you will use. 4S or 5S?*

This is our newest Plug-and-Play version of Madhacker's BMSOne V2. It can be used on any Ardupilot vehicle, not just Solo and supports batteries 2S-6S, any capacity, any chemistry. *3DR Solo does not support 2S, 3S, or 6S. Only order 4S or 5S for a Solo.

*The BMSOne V2 is compatible with all ArduPilot versions and all Vehicle types.

For Solo it can be used to plug a common off the shelf 4S or 5S battery (XT-60) into a 3DR Solo and have battery telemetry as the Solo normally would. (Yes 3DR Solo flies fine on 5S with the Stock gimbal and GoPro) There are 2 PnP variations available and a non-PnP DIY option as well.
1. E
xternal variation snaps onto the battery tray providing a flat deck for the battery to sit.
2. Internal variation is mounted inside the GPS bay and sits underneath the GPS unit.
These variations have connectors pre-installed. No soldering required. The non-PnP has no connectors soldered.

There are also options to select what battery type it will be pre-programmed to work with when shipped. It can be re-programmed easily via its USB-C connector using a terminal software like TeraTerm.

As the JB/BMSOne itself is a PnP device there are some things to consider before making your purchase. The BMSOne can be programmed for Lipo or Li-ion batteries. The units are otherwise the same and can be reprogrammed following the instructions here. Please consider the following:

1. To use with Li-ion batteries YOU MUST CHANGE Arducopter BATT PARAMETERS as the Li-ion packs that the BMSOne is configured to has different output characteristics. Refer to the Parameter Setup tutorial at the end of this document to guide you through the parameter update procedure.
UPDATE: There is a package available in Solex that can make the necessary changes for you. There is also a package to change it back to default settings for Lipo use.

RECOMMENDED Li-ion batteries are here:
4S -
5S -

2. To use with 4S Lipo batteries like the Tattu 4S 5200mAh 35C there are NO PARAMETER CHANGES REQUIRED. Just make sure the battery you use has similar characteristics. If parameter changes were previously made for Li-ion packs you must change them back before using Lipo again.

3. To use with any 5S batteries YOU MUST CHANGE Arducopter BATT PARAMETERS appropriately for the different voltage range.

4. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use an aftermarket battery charger to recharge and maintain your batteries. A Solo charger will only charge 4S batteries. The JB/BMSOne can be used with the OEM Solo charger but will NOT provide balance charge or storage discharge, and extra care must be taken not to plug the Solo charger in wrong which can result in a fire.
UPDATE: There is a balance charging device made to work with the Solo charger on 4S batteries. See here:

5. Always unplug both connectors of the battery from the BMSOne completely when not in use.

For the older BMSOne V1: Click here for the complete information on requirements and for how-to instructions.

Length 105.5mm
Width 64.4mm
Height 25.5mm
Weight: 45g
Board weight: 7.8g

**This is considered a modification to your Solo. Using this is fully at your own risk. Please read all available information and make sure you understand before using any mod.

The proper order for plugging in the BMSOne is:
1. Connect the BMSOne to the Solo.
2. Connect the balance lead.
3. Connect the main power lead.

The JB/BMSOne a cooperative collaboration between the creator of the BMSOne universally known to the Arducopter world as the Madhacker, Mike Lione, Jon Brotherton, and E. D. The primary focus of the JB version is to provide a Plug n Play version of the v2.3 BMSOne that ships pre-configured for use with your choice of Lipo or Li-ion Batteries (sold separately) in a case to protect it, equipped with the proper connectors to simply plug it into the Solo and battery with a ring strap to secure them in Solo battery bay.

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